If you’re anything like us, the day doesn’t really start until you’ve had that first glorious sip of coffee. And lucky for you, we’re going to get into Waynesboro’s impressive coffee culture to uncover all the local spots to get your caffeine fix.

Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Waynesboro isn’t just a pretty face with scenic views – it’s also home to some seriously awesome coffee joints. Whether you’re on the hunt for a cozy nook to curl up with a book or a cool spot to catch up with friends over a latte, Waynesboro’s got just the place for you.

Join us as we spill the beans on the local coffee scene, from mom-and-pop joints serving up heartwarming brews to hipster-approved roasteries pushing the boundaries of flavor. Grab your favorite mug, and let’s have some coffee talk!

First up, is The French Press. Perfectly placed right on bustling North Wayne Avenue in downtown Waynesboro, it’s the kind of place where you can kick back on a comfy couch, soak up the vibes, and read a good book. They take their coffee seriously here, so you know you’re getting the good stuff every time. And, if you’re looking for some lunch, they have delicious paninis and salads too. As an added bonus, The French Press is open every day!

Happ Coffee Roasters is next on the list. Not only do they sell signature bevvies and tasty noms in their industrial-chic space, but they also have an in-house roastery, meticulously sourcing the finest beans and employing artful roasting techniques. Open Monday – Saturday, Happ is a THE place to meet in Waynesboro and check them out downtown at the Waynesboro Farmers Market on Saturdays May through October.

Bec’s Coffee Shop is probably the most unique on the list. Not only do they open at 5 am every day for the early birds to grab a cup of joe and breakfast, but they also do lunch from 11:30 – 2. They have different specials like chicken noodle soup and pulled pork BBQ sandwiches and classics like all beef hotdogs on the menu. It’s a local favorite and a hidden gem that you need to check out!

Tucked in downtown Waynesboro’s newest building is Mission Coffee. On the first floor of the Bookkeeping & Managements Systems building, Mission Coffee features thoughtfully sourced beans, monthly specials like lavender cold brew, light fare, and other drinks and they’ll bring your order out to you if you’re in a hurry or having trouble finding parking! Mission is open at 6 am Monday – Saturday.


You might have heard of Kline’s Dairy Bar, but get ready for Kline’s Espresso Bar! Opening in early fall right behind the ice cream shop, Kline’s Espresso Bar plans on serving coffee, espresso, energy drinks, and small bites. We’re excited!

And that’s a wrap on our tour around Waynesboro’s unique local coffee scene! Whether you’re a local looking for a new go-to or a visitor in need of a morning caffeine fix before you start exploring, keep spreading those good coffee vibes. Cheers to the next brew-filled adventure!