This exhibit showcases contemporary cloth constructions by artist Susan J Lapham created from 2020 through 2024. During this time, Lapham focused on machine-pieced work using thousands of tiny bits of fabric. All are explorations of color and balance, line and shape, and come from a place in her heart reserved for the family she was born into. Lapham works intuitively without patterns, templates or sketches. She moves back and forth between the design wall and sewing machine as she designs and engineers each piece. Her cloth constructions are serious about grabbing the viewer’s attention, providing much to examine. They masterfully show how the qualities of traditional piecing can take on infinite forms through cutting fabric into bits and rearranging those bits into sewn compositions. Playland, an historic amusement park on Long Island Sound, is where Lapham spent many hours in her teens. She challenged herself to create large pieces only using small scraps. This series portrays the excitement of entering the park, exploring the midway, taking walks on the beach, and having the best day ever.