Get your opportunity to visit Swannanoa, a fully marble Italian Villa atop Afton Mountain. Swannanoa was built in 1912 by the Dooley’s of Maymont as their “summer cottage.”

July 13th- 11-1 pm

July 13th- 2-4 pm

July 14th- 11- 1 pm

August 10th- 11-1 pm

August 10th- 2-4 pm

August 11th- 11-1 pm

September 14th- 11-1 pm

September 14th- 2-4 pm

September 15th- 11-1 pm

October 12th- 11-1 pm

October 12th- 2-4 pm

October 13th- 11-1 pm

November 9th- 11-1 pm

November 9th- 2-4 pm

November 10th- 11-1 pm