Waynesboro Pizza Round-Up

February 09, 2022
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While we all love the predictability of pizza that comes from the freezer and from the pizza chains, there’s nothing like biting into a cheesy, tangy, authentic slice from a local pizzeria. Here’s our pizza round-up, so you can indulge in your favorite greasy, chewy treat ASAP. From pizzas with traditional toppings to those that lean in the gourmet direction, these Waynesboro pies will capture your heart and stomach. 


Ciro’s Pizza / 901 W. Broad St. in Willow Oak Plaza

Ciro’s Pizza has been treating Waynesboro to New York-style pizza since 1976. Diners can order both Sicilian crust (square and thick) or Neapolitan crust (round and thin) with all their favorite toppings. You can also order strombolis, calzones, subs, salads, and desserts like tiramisu, chocolate or raspberry cheesecake, and cannoli. Ciro’s has racked up over 300 rave Google reviews, being praised for amazing taste, quick service, and reasonable prices. In fact, it’s been named by many as the hands down best pizza around.


NY Flying Pizza / 1107 W. Main St.

A lot of Waynesboro residents will tell you their go-to pizza joint for carryout or delivery is New York Flying Pizza. The pies are tasty and gooey with stretchy cheese, which your choice of Sicilian or Neapolitan crust. The restaurant offers a full menu of pies, stromboli, calzones, and pizza rolls. You can also order salads, soups, burgers, subs, and pasta dishes. Make sure you sample some sides like bacon cheese fries, bruschetta, garlic bread with cheese, panini caprese, wings, rings, poppers, and deep-fried pickles. There’s a kids menu and cheesecake, cannoli, and tiramisu for dessert. New York Flying Pizza is part of the Slice network, so customers can use the convenient online ordering system and pay with credit cards.


Lost Town Billy Pie Pizza / 1010 E. Main St.

Lost Town Billy Pie Pizza is a brick-fired pizza joint located inside the taproom at Basic City Beer Co., open until 9 pm Tuesday-Saturday, and until 7 pm on Sunday. Lost Town Billy Pie serves up a refreshingly simple menu with choices like red pizza topped with pepperoni, mozzarella and basil, smoked sausage, and prosciutto and arugula, or white pizza topped with ricotta and mushroom, sausage, or Calabrian pepper that can be ordered online for curbside pickup. If there’s someone in your party who doesn’t care for pizza, you can add items like sandwiches from Basic City’s Showroom menu as well. Lost Town hand-made pizzas are special because they use local and high-quality ingredients and the pizza is baked to perfection inside a 700-degree oven. If you’re dining in, make sure to sample some of the beers on tap at Basic City.


Benny Stivale’s / 328 W. Main St.

Each Benny’s location has a unique name. The word “stivales” means rain boots in Italian, the name was chosen for the Waynesboro location because high water along the South River has occasionally required protective footwear. Benny Stivale’s specializes in giant 28-inch pizzas that can be ordered as whole pies or by the slice. This relatively smaller serving still requires two plates to hold it! Choose from tasty flavors like garlic mushroom, meatball marinara, or Italian sausage, as well as the monthly special flavors with names like “Concrete Jungle” or “The Versace.” Pizzas are made with high-quality ingredients grown and farmed in the U.S. Benny’s offers online ordering, or if you’re dining at the restaurant, Benny’s also boasts a “secret beer garden,” which serves the best offerings from breweries in the 151 corridor. You can also get a heart-shaped pizza for Valentine’s Day or participate in the Benny’s challenge, in which a single person attempts to eat an entire pizza as quickly as possible. The current amateur record is 28 minutes. Different rules apply for pros.

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