The Waynesboro Water Trail is part of Waynesboros park system and utilizes the South River. The 6.5 mile stretch of the South River passing through Downtown Waynesboro was designated a Virginia Scenic River in July 2021. It possesses outstanding scenic, recreational, historic, and natural characteristics of statewide significance. The Water Trail has multiple access points that can be found at Ridgeview, Rife, Constitution, North, and Basic Parks so you can pick your desired distance on the river.

Open to kayakers, canoers, waders, and fishermen, and offering views of the mountains and the urban landscape, the water trail is also home to many species of fish and birds. Paddlers who dont have their own boats can rent kayaks, canoes, and stand-up paddleboards from Rockfish Gap Outfitters. This stretch of the river is perfect for beginners or those looking for an easy paddle. Paddlers can expect to encounter class I and class II rapids along the way and enjoy a different perspective of the River City. Those wishing to extend their journey can continue on the South River to takeout points in Crimora, Grottos, and Port Republic. Fishermen should refer to state regulations.