Top 10 Things to Do in Waynesboro, Virginia

December 05, 2023
Outdoors, Arts & Culture, Food, Craft Beverage, History

So, you've found yourself in Waynesboro, right at the intersection of the famous Blue Ridge Parkway, picturesque Shenandoah National Park, and the iconic Appalachian Trail. What’s next? Well, buckle up because this city’s got a vibe and small-town charm that’s hard to miss. It's not your usual spot—it’s a welcoming, vibrant, outdoorsy, artsy, and diverse community that you won’t want to miss. Read on for our top 10 things to do while you’re here!



  1. Spend the day at the Virginia Metalcrafters Marketplace
    Start your day in Waynesboro at Happ Coffee Roasters in the Virginia Metalcrafters Marketplace. Get your caffeine fix and some Insta-worthy pastries in this industrial-chic spot. Take a quick break after breakfast from VMM with a stroll on the greenway or swing by Blue Ridge Bucha for some refreshing kombucha.

    Back at VMM, dive into lunch and craft brews at Basic City Beer Co., the heart of the marketplace. Don't miss the Foundry's retro beercade for a bit of friendly gaming. Ready for a change? Pop into Common Wealth Crush for a unique wine-tasting experience—no need to leave the building!

    For dinner, indulge in Patina's gourmet Italian-inspired cuisine and give their standout Ciira Cerchios a try. Evenings here offer variety: Trivia on Tuesdays at Basic, Showroom's speakeasy vibe on Thursdays through Saturdays, and live music on Saturdays—get ready for a mix of local and global acts at The Foundry or Basic City.

    Just a heads up: Mondays mean Happ's your only option and they're open from 7-3:00 pm. Any other day? Virginia Metalcrafters Marketplace has you covered for a full day of eats, drinks, games, and entertainment.


  1. Take in Waynesboro’s Art Scene 
    Waynesboro's art scene paints a vivid picture woven with a diverse range of influences and creative expressions. The Shenandoah Valley Art Center is where local and regional artists bring their A-game, making it a cool spot for art buffs to vibe with the community. If you're up for an outdoor art adventure, check out Waynesboro's street art. It's a colorful stroll downtown with over a dozen murals with even more within a few minutes drive. 

    For a history-meets-art experience, check out The Russell Museum, which showcases a permanent installation of work by Walter Russell as well as exhibits by local artists. Swing by The Wayne Exhibit Gallery on Tuesdays and Thursdays for a rotating mix of art styles—they keep it fresh. Don't forget the P. Buckley Moss Waynesboro Gallery. I'ts chock full of Moss's iconic art capturing the Shenandoah Valley’s essence in her own unique style.


  1. Explore the Shenandoah National Park, Skyline Drive, and the Blue Ridge Parkway 
    Waynesboro's all about nature's playgrounds; they’re where wild landscapes and epic views draw adventure seekers. Waynesboro's like the front door to these awesome outdoor spots—perfect for hiking, scenic drives, and soaking in the Valley's natural beauty. From the sweeping vistas of Skyline Drive to the chill vibes along the Blue Ridge Parkway, and the famous Appalachian Trail winding alongside both, Waynesboro's home base for an epic outdoor adventure into some of the world’s most sought after hiking, views, and scenic drives.


  1. Discover The Wildlife Center of Virginia 
    The Wildlife Center of Virginia is a sanctuary where rescued animals find their second chance, but they also hold plenty of events, tours, and ‘Critter Cams.’ Give them a call or visit their website to see if they’re offering an event during your trip, or plan your trip around an event! Pro-tip: Starting in September Rockfish Gap has the annual Hawk Watch on Afton Mountain where millions of raptors migrate through every year. You can watch thousands flying through the Gap every day.



  1. Check out a show at The Wayne Theatre
    The Wayne Theatre is a renovated vaudeville era theater which has become the premier live performance venue in Waynesboro and beyond. The Wayne produces half a dozen live shows every year as well as hosting nationally recognized acts, a classic movie series, and many other events for the community. Check their schedule and make plans to come see a show!


  1. Immerse yourself in Waynesboro’s History
    Waynesboro has a rich and storied history and is eager to share it with you at the Waynesboro Heritage Foundation Museum and the Plumb House. Take a free, self-guided tour in the Heritage Museum and learn everything about Waynesboro from the infamous name-sake to the lost city Waynesboro famously absorbed. If you’re into Civil War era history, make an appointment at the Museum to tour the Plumb House complete with Civil War bullet holes and tons of information about life in Waynesboro during that period. Waynesboro also has two self-guided walking tours around the city featuring the history and the architecture of the City. Pick up a guide at the Information Center or the Waynesboro Heritage Foundation Museum.


  1. Get your passport stamped on the Shenandoah Beerwerks Trail
    While you’re visiting the Shenandoah Valley you might as well go home with a free T-shirt. Pick up a passport at Basic City Beer Co., Seven Arrows Brewing, Stable Craft Brewing, or the Information Center and tour the Shenandoah Valley’s best breweries to collect eight passport stamps and a free tee.


  1. Taste your way around Waynesboro
    Waynesboro has well over a dozen locally owned restaurants and cafes intended to satisfy any epicurean craving you could possibly have. From a dedicated gluten-free bakery and lunch spot, to elevated soup to nuts dining, some of the best BBQ you’ve ever had, 100% authentic Mexican, and everything in between, don’t let Waynesboro’s small-town vibe fool you. The foodie scene here is stellar.


  1. Experience Waynesboro’s public green spaces
    Waynesboro not only has six (very soon to be seven) city parks with amenities like a public pool, disc golf course, pickleball and tennis courts, trails, ball fields, and more, but we also boast a four-mile water trail perfect for kayaking down the South River AND a two-mile greenway that moseys right along the river and can easily be biked or walked. If you’re really interested in getting in the water head over to the South River Fly Shop right downtown and get some gear and maybe a guided fishing trip and fly fish in one of the best urban fisheries in Virginia. Pro tip: Hike the Blue Ridge Tunnel to experience a historic train tunnel turned recreational trail that stays 50 degrees year-round. 


  1. Learn a new skill, hobby, or passion
    In Waynesboro, learning takes on a creative vibe. At the Virginia Institute of Blacksmithing, the clang of anvils accompanies the exploration of metalwork. Make anything from a knife to a warhammer and plenty of interesting things in between during one of their weekend classes. Make Waynesboro Clay Studio molds more than just clay—it shapes artistic expressions. Make a reservation for a private group class for your whole crew or sign up for a day or weekend lesson.  For a laid-back lesson, South River Fly Shop offers fly fishing experiences along the serene waters of the South River. In Waynesboro, it's not just about classes; it's about hands-on fun that leaves you with a new passion.


However you want to spend your time in Waynesboro, we have plenty of ideas and itineraries for all our visitors!



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