The mural, “Kaiya” was completed on the old Cassco Ice Plant building in Waynesboro in October 2019 in less than one week as a part of the VA Street Arts Festival. At seven stories and over 100 ft tall, this mural is the largest that artist Nils Westergard has ever completed. It was also voted #1 on the Top 100 Urban Art 2019 list by Streetart360.

Nils: “It was a massive challenge with 2 failing lifts that only got me half way through the wall, everything right of center was done with a pole. But it was a beautiful week in a beautiful part Virginia. The selfless hours and efforts of the many volunteers helped me over every hump, and I couldnt be more thankful to them for making all this happen.”

The mural, “Sun, Moon Stars” was completed by artist Julia Chon (AKA Kimchi Juice) as a part of the 2019 VA Street Arts Festival on what is now Stone Soup Books on Race Avenue in Waynesboro, VA.

Julia: “Inspired by a folktale my grandparents told me when I was younger about the creation of the sun, moon, and stars”

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