This mural was painted on the building right next to the Wayne Theatre in Waynesboro, VA by artist Nils Westergard during the 2018 VA Street Arts Festival. “Poochie” looks up pensively toward the sky and has many colorful flowers in her hair. Another variation of Poochie can be found in Los Angelos, CA.

“Small Blue Ridge” was a mural completed by artist Julia Chone (AKA Kimchi Juice) also during the 2018 VA Street Arts Festival. It used to exist around the corner on the back of the same building as Poochie, next to the Wayne Theatre. However, the back half of that building was demolished in early 2022 to make room for an outdoor performance venue adjacent to the theatre. Small Blue Ridge will live on in photos – it represented a smaller-scale Blue Ridge Mountains featuring some cute renditions of the wildlife that can be found in the mountains.

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