Use this tour to guide you through downtown and beyond as you discover our unique and eye-catching works of street art!

This tour takes about two hours, but you can do stops 1-15 just by walking downtown! Answer some fun questions while you explore Waynesboro’s amazing Street Art!

Don’t forget to bring your camera and snap some photos along the way! Tag @VisitWaynesboro and #LoveWaynesboro for a chance to be featured on our Instagram.

1. Poochie (Floral) // 521 W Main St // Wayne Theatre

Near some offices of theatre administration, below the year 1837, you’ll see a feature of an animal at it’s station what is ths cute and cuddly creature?

*This mural was created by Nils Westergard during the 2018 VA Street Arts Festival. Another variation of Poochie can be found in Los Angeles, CA

2. Shenandoah Valley Art Center // 126 S Wayne Ave

Visit here for classes, workshops, and more; This wonderful gallery is quite the attraction; standing outside SVAC we implore; The three digits of their address add up to what score?

3. Liberty Statue // 600 S Wayne Ave // Waynesboro Public Library

Reading together, filled with joy and a smile, who’s the author on the top of the pile?

*This sculpture is by G.W. Lundeen from Loveland, Colorado. It was created to honor all the library volunteers.

4. Trout // 501 Rife Rd // Royal Station

Rainbows swim upstream here; watching cars repaired to once again race; blue and yellow heraldry reigns overhead; what’s the regal name of this place?

5. Father and Child // 648 S Wayne Ave // Waynesboro YMCA

As before, these boxes we do adore; A little ways from the mural you need to look; spreading literacy is what they’re for; it says to “take” and WHAT a book?

*Created by Nils Westergard for the 2020 VA Street Arts Festival. It was the artists first full color mural (at the time of completion).

6. The Lovers // 648 S Wayne Ave // Waynesboro YMCA

Around the corner, on the wall; a new Kimchi Juice mural fills us with glee; Two birds and a koi stand tall; how many lotus flowers do you see?

*This mural is by Julia Chon, AKA Kimchi Juice. It was created as part of 2020 VA Street Arts Festival.

7. Kaiya w/Tulips // 200 Race Ave // Ice Building

It’s our favorite flower; found in our garden or on our face; on the side of this old tower; how many “lips” do you count painted on the place?

*This mural was completed on the old Cassco Ice Plant building in October 2019 by Nils Westergard. It took less than one week to complete as part of the VA Street Arts Festival. At over 100 ft tall, this is the largest mural that Nils Westergard has ever completed.

8. Community Flower Garden // 201 Short St // Blue Ridge Children’s Museum

Beneath Kaiya’s towering gaze, children painted with pure amaze, flowers bloom and bees doze, find the path where senses compose.

*The BRCM Community Flower Garden was created by children from the community. After children imagined and drew themselves as a bug, flower, or bird for the garden, Muralist Chico Lorenzo recreated the drawings into a beautiful community garden mural to add color to the natural playground year-round.

9. Sun, Moon, & Stars Ladies // 150 Race Ave // Stone Soup Books

Shop for a book; after you look; somewhere around the corner and in that zone; What number is engraved in stone?

*This mural was completed by Julia Chon aka Kimchi Juice. It was created for the 2019 VA Street Arts Festival. The artist was inspired by a folktale their grandparents told when they were younger about the creation of the sun, moon, and stars.

10. LOVEworks // 101 Short St // Constitution Park

Waynesboro loves fishing with over 50 species around; However, living next to a river can sometimes be a test; Alongside figures of fish can be found; “who” was responsible for the highest historical crest?

*This artwork was designed and crafted by Mark Cline. Waynesboro is home to VAs first Urban Trout Fishery.

11. Soap Box // 100 W Main St // Constitution Park

This sculpture is here to commemorate; flying boxes of soap racing in a blur; the sport has multiple tenets to make it great; friendly competition, fair play, and what word?

*Blue Ridge Classic Soap Box Derby was last held in Waynesboro in 2019

12. Waynesboro Founding Plaque // 207 E Main St // Constitution Park Pavilion

The answer you must share; is found east of here; near where farmers sometimes sell their wares; Waynesboro became a *what* in the 1801 year?

*This was erected in 2000 by the Department of Historic Resources.

13. Tribute // 300 W Broad St // Waynesboro Fire Department

Round the block of the tribute wall; on Broad where trucks leave on call; filled with special objects, chosen; in what year will this stash again be open?

*Firefighter and Rescue Worker tribute mural was completed by David Wayne, a retired Sheriffs Officer as part of the 2021 VA Street Arts Festival.

14. Bird House Girl // Lumos Plaza

She sits, shoes untied; staring, hollow inside; A mobile home she may be; how many avian friends do we see?

*Completed for the 2021 VA Street Arts Festival by Andie Peach

15. Octo-Paint-Us // Lumos Plaza

Cephalopods making art you’ll see; a mini-theme in this tour to some degree; Empty walls they beautify; Here, how many bubbles bob by?

*Completed for the 2021 VA Street Arts Festival by Peyton Moore

16. After // 440 N Commerce Ave // E-N Computers

In shades of monochrome, a lady lies, gaze fixed ahead with quiet eyes. On the wall, a corporate grace, guess the name, it’s a visual embrace.

17. Octopus // 440 N Commerce Ave // E-N Computers

Beneath the city’s colorful sprawl, a purple cephalopod, spray cans in thrall. In his eight tentacles, a vibrant array, count the cans he wields, in the urban ballet.

18. The Chase // 430 N Commerce Ave

In a mural so grand, with colors that gleam, Tom and Jerry run, in a cartoonish dream. Count the eyes in the tree, where mischief may hide, how many peep out, on this colorful ride?

19. Luchbrador // 1010 E Main St // Basic City Beer Co.

In colors bold, a dog appears, masked wrestler, shedding playful cheers. Yellow, red, and purple unite, beside some small friends catch the light. Look closely, take a peep, adjacent companions, the answer is sweet.

20. Isabelle // 1010 E Main St // The Foundry

In hues of noir, a woman’s allure. A bloom of yellow, a mystery to explore. Adjacent to flavors, where dishes shine, a restaurant named what, quite divine.