Street Art

Waynesboro Street Arts Trail

Use this tour to guide you through downtown and beyond as you discover our unique and eye-catching works of street art!

Waynesboro has partnered with Traipse, a free smartphone app known for "puzzle hunt" tours of local attractions and businesses, to create a self-guided walking tour of our murals and other public art.

Traipse (similar to virtual geocaching) allows visitors to engage with each location by answering riddle-like questions at each stop along the tour. Questions are only unlocked when you are physically present at the location of the site. Upon correctly answering the riddle at each stop, you will unlock another clue in the Bonus Challenge, as well.

Download the free Traipse app to get started on this 20-stop tour that takes roughly two hours. Get ready to experience the many marvelous murals adorning downtown Waynesboro and beyond, with a fun, scavenger hunt twist! This tour does not have to be completed all at once, so come back as often as you need to finish it. It can also be completed in any order, but we recommend starting at Stop #1 where there is free parking and you can easily walk to the first 14 stops, before moving your car to complete Stops #15-20. Don't forget to bring your camera and snap some photos along the way! Tag @VisitWaynesboro and #LoveWaynesboro for a chance to be featured on our Instagram.

1. Poochie (Floral) // 521 W Main St

2. Small Blue Ridge // 521 W Main St

3. Shenandoah Valley Art Center // 126 S Wayne Ave

4. Octo-Paint-Us // Lumos Plaza

5. Bird House Girl // Lumos Plaza

6. Tribute // 300 W Broad St

7. Waynesboro Department of Tourism // 301 W Main St

8. Soap Box // 100 W Main St

9. LOVEworks // 101 Short St

10. Sun, Moon, & Stars Ladies // 150 Race Ave

11. Kaiya w/Tulips // 200 Race Ave

12. Father and Child // 648 S Wayne Ave

13. The Lovers // 648 S Wayne Ave

14. Trout // 501 Rife Rd

15. E-N Computers // 440 N Commerce Ave

16. Bargain Barn // 426 N Commerce Ave

17. The Chase // 430 N Commerce Ave

18. 408 Diner // 408 N Commerce Ave

19. Luchbrador at Basic City Beer Co. // 1010 E Main St

20. Isabelle at Basic City Beer Co. // 1010 E Main St

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